Anxiety and Depression Counselling in the Heart of Melbourne’s CBD

If you are struggling, we are here to help. From support facing life’s challenges to treatment for mental illness, we have the skills and the strategies to get you through. And today’s psychology goes beyond that ‘healthy’ or ‘OK’ status quo. When you want to be your very best and realise your true potential, we give more than just management for stress or depression. We provide a supportive action plan to reach your goals and optimise your life.

Optimise Psychology’s services are of the highest quality, which means our clients make noticeable positive changes in their lives. Our clinical psychologist services are also customer-friendly, flexible, and affordable. In addition to comprehensive depression treatment and counselling, our clinical psychologist services deliver guidance and support to overcome those mental roadblocks to success. As part of anxiety counselling and treatment, we encourage clients to open up and look forward to a brighter future, not just managing anxiety, but thriving.

Treatment with a difference

Through our psychological counselling we support individuals and couples with resolving life challenges, managing and overcoming mental health problems, achieving fulfilling lives, and attaining optimal performance. As an individual, it can be difficult to see what’s really stopping you from achieving what you want and need in life. Optimise Psychology’s professional treatment and expert team will give you great perspective, as well as achievable methods for working towards happiness. You may be surprised at what you’re truly capable of.

Our Melbourne team also adds value to organisations by assisting management, teams, and employees to function optimally and achieve goals.

Our Values

People, Quality, Growth

Our Vision

We lead our profession in effectively guiding our clients towards health and growth.

Our Mission

With our clients, we discuss, we assess, and we help.

Accessible Psychologist Services

We are conveniently located in the Melbourne CBD allowing clients from across Victoria the opportunity to begin a positive lifestyle change. Give yourself a chance at healing. Contact Optimise Psychology today and start working towards the life you want.

Take the first step towards stress, depression and anxiety treatment. To initiate positive life changes, call us now to make an appointment with a clinical psychologist on 0419 250 181.