Receive Depression Counselling and Treatment in Melbourne

Everybody experiences sadness throughout their lives. When these negative feelings persist for an extended period of time without specific reason you could be dealing with depression. Coping with prolonged negative emotions and thought patterns can be difficult and many sufferers of the condition find it impairs many aspects of their lives. The despair associated with depression can often lead to anxiety. Left untreated, depression can lead to further mental health concerns.

Some of the symptoms you may experience are:

-       Loss of interest or enjoyment in your regular activities
-       Low mood/sadness
-       Consistent fatigue
-       Poor memory
-       Lack of attentiveness
-       Physical symptoms of aches or pains
-       Reduced appetite (or increased eating)
-       Difficulty sleeping

Treatment for Depression

The depression treatment that is right for you can be determined by the severity, type and individual preferences of the client. One of the most common ways of tackling this mental health problem is through depression counselling. Our Melbourne based psychologists are capable of guiding you through various counselling techniques to address your depression. We aim to redirect your negative thought patterns into positive reactions.

Optimise Psychology believes in promoting overall positive health. Addressing your mental health concerns can be a difficult step to take. We understand that seeking help can provoke anxiety so we intend to provide you with a welcoming environment, friendly psychologists and accessible services. Located in the Melbourne CBD, clients from across Victoria can access our depression treatment and counselling. Contact us on 0419 250 181 to make an appointment. The team at Optimise Psychology are dedicated to helping you reduce those negative emotions, and return you to a positive lifestyle.