Treat your Anxiety with Counselling and Stress Management Techniques

Sweaty palms, increased heart rate, butterflies in your stomach, sleeping difficulties and even nausea are all common responses to challenging events. When these symptoms become an everyday experience it can become difficult to cope with normal life. Anxiety disorders are characterized by irrational responses to regular life situations and can have devastating effects on a person’s mental health. Professional anxiety counselling, paired with suitable stress management methods can help to reduce these negative symptoms.

Anxiety Treatment in Melbourne

It is often difficult for anxiety sufferers to take the first step towards treatment. However, without intervention these negative emotions can often lead to depression and other mental health issues. The team at Optimise Psychology in Melbourne understand how hard it can be to seek help. To combat this, we offer friendly and affordable anxiety treatment to make the transition into treatment easier. Each person is different with how their symptoms present themselves and how they are triggered. Similarly, there is no single treatment option that suits all individuals. Through anxiety counselling we can work together to develop various coping strategies and techniques that can decrease your symptoms.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Frequently, individuals with poor stress management will present with symptoms of anxiety. Or psychologist can coach you through various techniques that can help you cope with stress.

Some of these may include:

-       Breathing techniques
-       Relaxation exercises
-       Physical exercise
-       Reduced caffeine and alcohol intake
-       Meditation

Optimise Psychology strive to provide a welcoming environment that allows you to understand and treat your symptoms. We value the overall health of our clients and aim to guide them to a positive lifestyle.

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