20 Shades of Anxiety

Anxiety sucks, here’s how:

1. Situational anxiety
2. Internal anxiety
3. Constant anxiety
4. Sudden anxiety
5. Contagious anxiety
6. Future anxiety
7. Past anxiety
8. Anxiety about health
9. Anxiety about depression
10. Anxiety about anxiety
11. Cumulative anxiety
12. Social anxiety
13. Performance anxiety
14. General anxiety
15. Specific anxiety
16. Money anxiety
17. Status anxiety
18. Anxiety about change
19. Inadequacy anxiety
20. Success anxiety

Any one of these anxieties can make your life hell, and they usually hunt in packs. As with any health condition, the first and most important thing is to get help and to understand what is happening. So reach out and ask for help from a qualified and experienced clinical psychologist. A clinical psychologist can help you learn about anxiety and learn about you, so you can take action to manage and overcome anxiety and live a fulfilled life.